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Hotels for bike tour Sicily

Pietra d'Acqua is the perfect Hotel for bike tours in Sicily because it is located in a naturalistic location that is ideal for those who like to enjoy cycling while exploring the area.
The scenario is the best for bike touring near Ragusa thanks to the proximity to the sea, the conformation of the roads, and the environments rich in numerous points of interest.
The 4-star hotel becomes a real starting point for visiting ancient villages, riding along coastal roads or delving into country paths.

4-star hotel for bike tours in Sicily

The environment that surrounds Pietra d'Acqua offers many circuits, routes and paths through which to have fun and observe what surrounds us.
Trails are available for every type of traveler, of different difficulty and length.
Here are the best bike trails in and around Sampieri:
- Sampieri-Scicli-Mangiagesso-Capra d'oro and back: this is a loop trail, with a total distance of 80.33 km. Elevation gain of 1,622 meters, maximum altitude of 582 meters;
- Sampieri - Cava Cugno and return: is a 29-km route. Total distance of 50.28 km and elevation gain of 631 meters;
- Sampieri loop: a loop route that also takes us along the Sampieri waterfront. With 50% route on gravel and 50% on asphalt. Total distance of 21.53 km, with an elevation gain of 188 meters;
- Sampieri - Modica rural - Marina di Modica - Sampieri: loop route 70% on gravel roads and 30% on asphalt roads. Total distance of 27.96 km, with an elevation gain of 319 meters;
- Sampieri - Cava d'Aliga - Arizza - Scicli - Sampieri: one-way route through internal roads and waterfront. Total distance of 21.39 km, elevation gain of 371 meters, maximum altitude of 185 meters;
- Sampieri - Modica: loop route with total distance of 29.47 km, elevation gain of 302 meters, maximum altitude of 288 meters;
- Sampieri - Cava Cugno - Sampieri: loop route with total distance of 28.66 km, elevation gain of 291 meters and maximum altitude of 284 meters;
- Sampieri - Cava d'Aliga halfway: loop route totaling 5.89 km, with an elevation gain of 4 meters;
- Sampieri - Cava d'Aliga: route of 6.38 km total, with elevation gain of 10 meters;
- Sampieri - Riserva Irmino: loop route of 41.05 km total, with an elevation gain of 108 meters;
- Sampieri - Marina di Ragusa: road route of 22.75 km total, with elevation gain of 73 meters.

Luxury hotels for bike tours in Sicily

Pietra d'Acqua is perfect for those who want to combine the fun of bike tours with the relaxation of an amenity-rich 4-star hotel.
Guests can stay in elegant and refined rooms and suites, complemented by the presence of amenities such as flat-screen TV with satellite channels, wi-fi internet connection, safe, air conditioning, minibar, telephone, bathroom with bathtub or shower, hairdryer, amenities.
Spend your vacation at a bike tour hotel in Sicily.
Book at Pietra d'Acqua.